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Dr Nicholas Robinson,
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Colchester, CO6 4UY

All Dr Robinson’s appointments are managed by his personal full time secretary
Dr Nicholas Robinson


Dr Robinson provides a highly responsive and rapid private practice for patients in London, Essex and Suffolk.

New cardiology patient appointments with Dr Robinson are 40 minutes and cost £250. This appointment will involve assessment of current symptoms, a clinical examination with focus on the cardiovascular system, a formulation of initial management plan and organisation of appropriate investigations.

Most investigations can be organised at the initial visit including electrocardiogram, blood tests and cardiac monitoring. Subsequent specialist investigations will be organised at The Harley Street Clinic, The Oaks Hospital, Colchester or the The Brook Suite Private Patient Unit, Basildon

Tests which are performed in addition to the initial clinical assessment will be charged for separately. Contact us for full details of costs of all appointments and investigations.

Personalised Follow up

Dr Robinson will arrange a 20 minute follow up appointment once all investigations are complete. At this appointment there will be the opportunity to discuss the diagnoses, investigations and management plans.

Private Insurance

Dr Robinson is recognised by all the major private medical insurance companies. It is the responsibility of the patient to contact their insurance company prior to any appointments or investigations to ensure that they are covered and to obtain a pre-authorisation code or claim number. Invoices will be sent to the insurance company if a pre-authorisation code has been obtained. Self-pay patients are requested to settle their accounts immediately after consultation and completion of investigations.

Note: New patients are advised to check with their insurance companies if they need to obtain a letter of referral from their GP. This letter of referral will enable Dr Robinson to have a current medical history and the letter is required by most insurance companies before they will provide cover.

All Dr Robinson’s appointments are managed by his personal full time secretary.