Harley St, London & Essex Call: 07432 724408

Harley St, London & Essex Call: 07432 724408

Cardiology Private Practice on Harley St and in Essex

Dr Robinson is a highly experienced and renowned Cardiologist with over 20 years experience in all aspects of adult cardiology and heart treatments.

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Screening for Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the most common cause of death in the UK and may have no prior warning. Screening is vital.

Since 2003, Dr Robinson is an expert in the screening of patients for underlying coronary disease and has treated many patients with heart attacks using emergency angioplasty and stent insertion.

Cardiac Trigger Monitoring

Harley Street and Essex

Dr Nick Robinson operates a Private Cardiology Practice on Harley Street and in Colchester, Essex. Conveniently located and available to meet your private cardiology needs.

Harley Street is located close to Regents Park in London W1, he runs a working-hours clinic and an out of hours on-call service to registered patients.

World-Class Cardiology

Extensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of chest pain and angina, the role of stent insertion, and risk assessment for coronary disease using CT coronary angiography.

He works closely with an expert team of cardiac surgeons responsible for patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery and valve surgery.

Comprehensive treatment for all of your heart issues

Dr Robinson has set up a Comprehensive Program for Screening of Heart Disease and cardiovascular risk assessment and has significant experience and in the use of Cardiac CT scanning. A full range of investigations and treatment for all adult heart conditions are available including:

Angina & Chest Pains

Heart Failure & Breathlessness

High Blood Pressure

Raised Cholesterol

Palpitations & Dizziness

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